Welcome To The Aniko Airdrop Campaign

Aniko sends money across borders faster and cheaper than ever before - for people and businesses. Powered by our proven crypto-arbitrage engine, our platform and mobile wallet provide access to billions globally.

Aniko is airdropping a total budget of 1,025,000 ANKA tokens to airdrop participants. Token price, 1 ANKA is valued at 0.10 USD.

Rules for claiming your airdrop:

  1. Join our Telegram community t.me/anikocorp
  2. Join the whitelist on our website http://www.aniko.io
  3. Follow us on Twitter https://twitter.com/anikocorp

This is a tiered Airdrop structure:

  • First 1000 entrants-  250 ANKA per person
  • Next 1000 entrants- 125 ANKA per person
  • Next 3000 entrants- 75 ANKA per person
  • Next 5000 entrants- 50 ANKA per person
  • Next 10000 entrants- 13 ANKA per person
  • Next 10000 entrants- 5 ANKA per person

(30,000 available entries in total!)

4.   Refer a friend- 1 ANKA per referral - Unlimited referrals (NOTE: your referral must stay in the the group until ANKA Token distribution). To refer a friend, simply ‘CLICK ON’ the top NAV BAR:

And refer your friends by clicking on ‘Add member’ :


ANIKO MILLION- DAILY QUIZ COMPETITION! Aniko is ALSO giving away 1 Million ANKA over 100 days. Every day Aniko will be giving away 10,000 ANKA that equates to 1,000 USD! Read the Telegram pin or ask admin to learn more.

For questions about the Airdrop, please go to our telegram channel t.me/anikocorp.

When will you receive the tokens? Tokens will be distributed post the token launch in September/October (Contingent dates, we will confirm on our platforms).

Thanks for participating. Please begin by joining our Telegram group, follow us on Twitter and Join our Whitelist below below if you have not done so already!

Please fill out the form below. Your information will stay private.